Rules & Safety

Rules & Safety:

At Hide n Seek, we want you to have fun, but we also need you to observe the following rules of play at all times:

  • Hide n Seek has play supervisors monitoring the play zones at all times to ensure the safety of our visitors. However, there are always risks inherent in children playing together. As such, children remain the responsibility of their parents/caretakers and must be supervised closely by them.
  • Hide n Seek cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur due to carelessness or negligence on the part of visitors.
  • Children can use the facility only when accompanied by a responsible adult (over the age of 18 yrs.)
  • 2 accompanying adults per child may enter the facility free of charge. There will be an extra charge for each additional adult.
  • Identification may be required as proof of age and/or family status.
  • Maids are permitted inside the premises. But kindly refrain supervision by male servants or drivers.
  • Members must show their Hide n Seek membership card upon entry. Entry may be denied without this. Membership cards are strictly non-transferable.
  • Please remember to always ask for a receipt upon payment of your bill.
  • Please help us keep the play zones clean and in a safe condition at all times:
    • Socks must be worn at all times by children and guardians in the play zones. No shoes or going barefoot in the play zones. Socks are available for purchase at the reception desk
    • Any sharp objects like pens, buckles, jewelry, coins, etc. should be removed before entering the play zones.
    • To minimize any risk of personal injury, children are encouraged to wear trousers or leggings.
    • No climbing on the slides or exterior parts of the equipment.
    • Strictly no food or drinks are allowed in any of the play zones.
    • Children may be asked to leave the play zones if they are found misbehaving, bullying others, or not observing the rules.
    • Children who are unwell are advised not to use the play zones.
  • Only food and drink purchased at the Hide n Seek Cafe can be consumed on the premises (with the exception of infant food and children’s water bottles).
  • Smoking and chewing gum on the premises is strictly prohibited.
  • No cameras will be allowed inside the premises except for Birthday Parties or Special Events.
  • Videography is not permitted at Hide n Seek. 
  • Hide n Seek reserves the right to deny access or remove anyone from the premises, especially in the event of aggressive/violent behavior to other guests or to the staff. Any damages caused through bad behavior and misuse will be charged to the guest/member.
  • Management bears no responsibility for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal property.